My name is Justin Yorke.

Professionally Ridiculous LLC is the name of my company.

I mostly write code. Especially mobile apps, backend web services, and full-stack web code.

I am available to consult on backend services for small-to-midsize game teams. Please contact me if you think you could use some help in that area.

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Latest Post

Nov 9, 2020

UTC Complications Launch

Today I’ve launched my first wholly-independent app, UTC Complications for Apple Watch. UTC Complications for Apple Watch adds digital time complications in Universal Time to every complication slot on an Apple Watch. This is a very small app that I’ve developed over the past couple weeks (the first git commit was on October 28th). It’s mostly to scratch my own itch, which is being able to see 24-hour UTC time so that I can easily figure out how long ago a server log was . Read more
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If you’d like to work with me, or if you’re having problems with one of my apps, please feel free to contact me.


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